A full-service advertising agency with a focus on recruitment solutions, employer brand development, and employee communications, Ad Vendors International provides unyielding advice, compelling copy, and inspired creative. We strive to be collaborative partners to our clients, and to provide them with honest, thoughtful, quality work. We come to the task with a wide range of services and an abundance of experience.

We take great pride in working in close concert with our clients to understand their company cultures and their organizational pains.

Clients enjoy an easy relationship with our people, and are encouraged to dip into our expertise often. We don’t up-sell. We don’t recommend things that aren’t in our clients’ best interest. We look out for our customers. We give them solid advice, compelling copy, and inspired creative.

Our Service Offerings Include:


Employee Communications

Appointment Notices, Campus Recruiting, Confidential/Blind Ads, Corporate Apparel, Employee Referral Programs, Employee Retention Programs, Job Fairs, Open Houses, Recognition Programs, Recruitment Advertising

Media Planning & Negotiations

Banner Advertising, Direct Mail, Diversity Recruiting, Email Marketing, Local To International, Media Research, Negotiation, Placement, Newspaper, Online & Print Media Planning, Outdoor, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Radio, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Sponsorships, Television, Trade Publications, Transit, Translation


Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Focus Groups, Media Habits Surveys, Primary & Secondary Research

Our Commitment to Excellence

We’ve gathered a group of industry professionals who share a common objective: to make recruitment advertising an easier, streamlined process while adding significantly greater value in terms of speed, versatility, and adaptability. 

Recruitment Advertising

Healthcare Recruitment Experts

Web & Interactive Strategies

Corporate Communications