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Building the future

When we started Ad Vendors, we had one goal in mind – make recruitment advertising easier while adding value. Now in our twelfth year, we’re successfully delivering our brand of recruitment advertising services to over one thousand human resources professionals in Canada and internationally. When asked in a recent survey if they would recommend Ad Vendors International to friends and colleagues, 91% of our clients reported that they already have or would definitely recommend us!

Through the years we’ve acquired two well respected recruitment advertising agencies and we’ve built a stellar team of industry experts.

A full-service advertising agency with a focus on recruitment solutions, employer brand development, and employee communications.

AdVendors International provides…





We’re pretty proud of our achievements, and continue to focus on improvement. We are now bringing our clients an expanded roster of services, delivering our unique brand of employee communications and strategy development services to a growing group of oranizations.

PROFIT Magazine has ranked us as one of Canada’s fastest growing emerging companies and our CEO as one of Canada’s Top 100 entrepreneurs.